Arts and Entertainment

  • The B’Naturals is an all-girls a cappella choir.

  • The Bearitones are the only all male a cappella singing group at Ursinus College.

  • Breakaway Student Productions is the student run theatre group that helps to increase the appreciation of theater on campus.

  • Dance Team is an organization that allows students to choreograph and take part in dancing on a weekly basis.

  • Escape Velocity is the student run dance company of Ursinus College.

  • Seismic Step is a student run step team where students use their bodies to make percussive movement and rhythm.

  • UrCinema: The Film Club seeks to unify students through the art of cinema!

  • A club where Vinyl enthusiasts can meet and discuss vinyls!

  • The Ursinus College Voices In Praise Gospel Choir, founded in 1997, is comprised of students ranging from Freshman to Seniors.