Arts and Entertainment

  • The B’Naturals is an all-female a cappella choir.

  • The Bearitones is an all-male a cappella choir.

  • Breakaway Student Productions is the student-run theater group. We typically produce one play in the fall and a student-written, one-act play festival in the spring.

  • Dance Team is an organization that allows students to choreograph and take part in dancing on a weekly basis.

  • Escape Velocity is the student run dance company of Ursinus College.

  • Seismic Step is a student run step team where students use their bodies to make percussive movement and rhythm.

  • Universal Sounds Gospel Choir, founded in 1997, is comprised of students ranging from first-year to seniors. Rehearsal times are Thursdays 6-7 p.m.

  • UC Sports Network is a prerecorded 5-10 minute broadcast that will serve as the flagship program for all Ursinus College sports news. The show covers various sports teams and athletes from Ursinus and showcases highlights, recaps, and interviews of weekly games.