Club Sports

  • The Ursinus College Cheerleading Team consists of approximately 16-24 individuals who cheer at all home Ursinus football games and select basketball games.

  • The Ursinus College Men’s Soccer Club is a semi-competitive intercollegiate student organization that facilitates an enjoyable and inclusive environment for futsal and soccer.

  • The mission of the Ursinus College Men’s Rugby club is to provide an opportunity for students to learn and play the game of rugby.

  • The Ursinus College Men’s Volleyball Club team allows Ursinus students to become involved in a club sport that is part of a competitive multi-college conference.

  • Ursinus College Ultimate Frisbee team plays at a competitive level.

  • The Ursinus Volleyball Club plays twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 10-11pm in the FLB. We accept all levels of players from retired high school athletes to people who have never touched a volleyball in their life. We are always willing to help people learn and even teach some of our own tricks! 

  • The mission of this club is to teach and promote women’s rugby at the collegiate level, as well as to promote good health and fraternity among club members.