Ellie Templeton '21 and Jess Greenburg '21 in the Perkiomen Creek, Summer 2019

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Our greenhouse gas emissions have gone down by 15% since 1990 thanks to education, changes in how we manage our buildings and grounds, and behavior change.

Ursinus College signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) in 2007. This action committed the College to writing a Climate Action Plan to achieve climate neutrality as soon as possible, inventorying the College’s greenhouse gas emissions every other year, and making the action plan, inventories, and periodic updates publicly available.

Our Energy Fellows work with the Director of Sustainability to update our greenhouse gas inventory each year. “Bear” with us as we work to upload all of this data to our website! 


Data about the 2016-2017 Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Check out our greenhouse gas inventories here: 

2018-2019 GHG Inventory

2014 - 2017 GHG Inventory

2013 GHG Inventory

2010 GHG Inventory

2007 GHG Inventory


Total Emissions by Sector (2019)

2019 Ursinus College Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Source

Carbon Emissions & Yearly Temperature Range (2008-2017)

Carbon Emissions & Yearly Temperature Range (2008-2017)


Emissions by Source Over Time (1990-2019)

Ursinus College Carbon Dioxide Emissions over Time

Purchased Electricity & Average Yearly Temperature (2008-2017)

Purchased Electricity & Average Yearly Temperature (2008-2017)