PWC Stream Clean-Up_2014

Community Engagement

We may start on campus, but we can’t stop there… 

Campus and Community Partnerships

At Ursinus, we cultivate students to be civic and ecological citizens, understanding that to manage resources wisely and positively impact our community, actions have to engage issues beyond the individual level.  As an institution situated in a community, we are responsible for being an active member. Here are some of our community partners and how we partner with them. 

Collegeville Economic Development Corporation (CEDC)

As a Collegeville farmers market vendor, we partner with the CEDC. We also have served on the Collegeville Sustainability Committee.

Collegeville Borough

Staff of the Office of Sustainability and Faculty from Environmental Studies serve on the Collegeville Sustainability Committee. Environmental Studies has partnered with the Borough on several planting projects in Hunsberger Woods.

Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy (PWC)

A long time partner, Ursinus works with the PWC to help maintain the beautiful Perkiomen Creek through the annual stream clean-up and regular tree plantings. 

Urban Tree Connection (UTC)

Urban Tree Connection “assists low-income urban communities to revitalize their neighborhoods by transforming abandoned open spaces into safe and functional places that inspire and promote positive human interaction.” 

Students regularly volunteer with Urban Tree Connection through Ursinus’ civic engagement office (UCARE), and every summer the Ursinus student farmers take a day to work the land in a slightly different context from suburban Collegeville. 

Community Organizations

Want to get involved with these organizations or others? Check out our community organization page.

65% of Ursinus students report having served with a community organization at some point in their college career. 32% of them specifically with an environmental organization. Find out more about civic engagement at Ursinus in the UCARE Office