Sustainability Fellows at their annual spring dinne.

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Check out the open Sustainability Fellow position descriptions and get the details about the Sustainability Fellows Program below: 

Position Descriptions:

The Sustainability Fellows program is a leadership and experiential learning program offered by the Office of Sustainability. Sustainability Fellows educate the campus on environmental issues, work with offices and administrators on campus projects, and create and implement their own sustainability-related projects. (Take a look at what they’re working on!) Fellows develop communication and leadership skills while working alongside other student programs such as Resident Advisors, Bonner Leaders, Parlee Fellows, and more. Their work makes our sustainable efforts come together on campus as they work to lower our carbon footprint, run our farm, and make our residence halls more eco-friendly. 

The Details

What’s Involved?

Sustainability Fellows are appointed to one-year positions (August-May for most fellowships, and January-December for Farm Fellows). They take a one-credit course each semester, which meets one time each week, where they learn about how the College operates in regards to sustainability, read journal articles and news media about current events in sustainability and environmentalism, develop leadership skills, and work together on their projects. 

Each Fellow develops their own project idea, as well as fulfilling the duties outlined in their position description. They all participate in Freshman Move-In each August, Sustainable Move-Out each May, and our annual Sustainability Week (fall semester) and Earth Week (April). Fellows also receive opportunities to represent the College for events like Admitted Students Day, being interviewed in the Grizzly, and being a part of photoshoots for promotional materials. Our Felllows often choose to present their work at CoSA as well!

Who’s Eligible? 

Students preparing to enter their second semester of their first year are eligible to apply for a Farm Fellowship, and students entering their sophomore, junior, or senior years are eligible to apply for all fellowships. There is no major or minor requirement to be a Fellow - we’ve had Environmental Studies, Biology, Dance, Economics, International Relations, Politics, History, and Anthropology majors, to name a few! You do need to have a passion for sustainability, helping others, and working as part of a team, as well as a desire to keep learning and growing. Click on the position descriptions below to see specific requirements for each fellowship. 

What are the Benefits?

Besides getting to implement your own ideas on campus, make close friends, and grow as a leader, there are a bunch of perks to being a Sustainability Fellow! 

  • $150 stipend per semester (contingent upon successful implementation of your project)
  • Course credit
  • Green cord at graduation
  • Move in one week early in August for training
  • Permission to stay through graduation in May
  • Farm Fellows get to stay on campus over the summer, and receive an additional (larger!) stipend for their work