Climate and Sustainability Action Plan

Our roadmap for getting to carbon neutrality and for integrating sustainability principles on campus.

This document includes 30 chapters that are tailored to the college’s implementation structure.  Each chapter includes a description of a specific office or department, a list of actions that area is already taking and a list of suggested actions, many tailored for the specific campus administrative areas. 

Why have a Plan:

Without a clear plan of action, institutions can lose sight of long term goals.  Our plan keeps us focused on what we want to achieve and lays a path for the Ursinus community to follow in order to get there.

History of the Plan

In May 2013, former UC President Bobby Fong signed the College’s first Climate and Sustainability Action Plan into effect.  Ursinus College signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) in 2007. This action committed the College to writing a Climate Action Plan to achieve climate neutrality as soon as possible, inventorying the College’s greenhouse gas emissions every other year, and making the action plan, inventories, and periodic updates publicly available. 

CSAP Sustainability Wordle

2013 Climate & Sustainability Action Plan

Entire document

Introductory Section

Administrative Section

Academics Section

Student Affairs Section

Facilities Section

Special Use Buildings Section


Progress Reports

2015 Progress Report