Get Involved - Staff & Faculty

Sustainability is related to most everything…so no matter what your job is, we can help you figure out how to be more sustainable.

Join a Sustainability-Related Group

  • Our Sustainability Committee has four open membership subcommittees:  Tree Care, Sustainable Student Experience, Sustainable Facilities, and Energy Conservation.  Join us!
  • Staff Assembly is involved in sustainability.
  • Join our OS volunteer list

Incorporate Sustainability into a Course

For courses with an environmental designation, this is already done.  But it’s easy for other courses too.  Here are some ideas:

  • Accept papers only in electronic format
  • If your course requires a case study, assign a topic that includes a sustainability theme
  • Include sustainability topics in your paper assignments
  • Suggest that your students consider environmental impacts/issues in your field of study

Sustainability in the Office

There are many things that you can do to reduce your environmental footprint in your office, regardless of your job.  Here are some ideas, but check out our Green Office Guidelines for a more comprehensive list.

  • Plug your computer, electronics, and lights into a power strip that you turn off when you leave for the day.
  • Set your computer to energy saving mode
  • Print only when truly needed, and print double-sided
  • Use natural light instead of overheads.
  • Get rid of your Keurig/pod coffee maker (donate to Liberty or Goodwill) and go back to a drip coffee maker.  (saves you a lot of money too!)
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the office.

Sustainable Thinking

Remember that every action you take has an impact.  Every purchase that you make has a supply and manufacturing chain.  We all live on one planet, we share all the resources, and we are stewards of this planet for our children’s children’s children.  Live here like you care!


Students, faculty and staff work together to replant the Berman green roof.

Organic Farm-Kelley Williams