Sustainability Fellows

Communication, leadership skills and project design and implementation are just a few of the skills that have helped our Fellows land jobs and graduate school acceptances. 

The Sustainability Fellows program is a leadership and experiential learning program supervised by Office of Sustainability (OS) staff members. Sustainability Fellows research, design, and implement outreach projects and communicate with the campus community about complex sustainability issues.  This student mentoring program provides students with the opportunity to work on sustainability initiatives on campus within a professional setting.  As stewards of the environment and within the community, the students develop communication and leadership skills that they can take from this program and apply to other jobs or educational projects.

Meet the Fellows

Position Descriptions: 

Farm Director Fellow (position not open at this time)

Farm Assistant Fellow (position not open at this time)

BikeShare Fellow (position not open)

Energy Fellow (position not open)

Sustainable Food Fellow (position not open)

UC Green Network Coordinator (Position not open)

Waste Diversion Fellow (position not open)

Become a Fellow

The Sustainability Fellows Application Period is not open right now. But check back in November when we will be accepting Farm Fellow applications.

What do our graduates do?

  • Graduate School
  • Law School
  • Farming
  • Horticulture
  • Peace Corps
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Teaching