Sustainable Living

Wondering how to reduce the size of your paw print on campus?  You’re on the right page!

Here are a few ideas to get you on your way to being a certified Grizzly, but if you want to get one of our Green Living Certificates for your door, you’ll have to apply and see how you do.


 Bring Your Own Bike

Bring your bike to campus and ride to local shopping centers or along the Perkiomen trail! This reduces your carbon “pawprint” and gets you out and about as well.

Bikeshare Don’t have your own bike? Join Bikeshare for only $10 per academic year!
Books Rent your books each semester instead of buying them and having them sit on your shelf untouched for years! Some resources include Chegg and eCampus.  Do you like keeping your books? Then try and buy used books from the on campus
Bookstore or another used book site such.
Dining Eat more vegetarian meals, eat organically grown food when available, eat locally grown food.  Learn more about Sodexo’s sustainability commitment.
Shower Every minute in the shower you use 2.5 gallons of water, so a 10 minute shower = 25 gallons of water wasted! Cut down your shower time as much as possible and save water.
Studying Study in the Library where lights are already on, instead of using your room lights.  Make sure to turn off your lights when you leave the room. 
Electronics Use a power strip for your electronic devices so that you only have to worry about switching it on or off instead of trying to unplug every single device.
Lighting Trade in your regular light bulb for a free CFL at Facilities Services.   Better yet, buy an LED bulb!!!


Water Use reusable water bottles and fill up at one our water stations or water fountains across campus!  They are available in Wismer, Olin, Myrin, Corson, and Pfahler.
Moving Out When you move out at the end of the year, think about all the things you can reuse the following year - whether you are a student returning to college or a senior starting a new life somewhere.  This prevents perfectly reusable items from ending up in the landfill and it saves you the cost of buying those items again.  And if you still don’t need it, donate your old stuff to Sustainable Move-Out.
Clothes Shop for next-to-new clothing (and other stuff) at Liberty Thrift or Goodwill.  You may have to hunt a bit, but you’ll spend less $ and find unique clothes!


In Your Room Most rooms are fitted with personal recycling bins that are part of the room.  Each student is responsible for emptying their blue bin into a hallway recycling bin.  If you live in a house that has few recycling bins or only outdoor recycling stations, talk to your RA about getting personal recycling bins for each room in your house.  Each recycling bin becomes part of the room and is inventoried at the end of each year.  *If bin is missing students will be charged the cost of replacing the recycling bin*  Learn more here.

Green Living Certification

The Office of Sustainability runs a certification program for students that assigns a certification level based on answers to a series of survey questions. All Ursinus student can apply for Green Living Certification. Participants who score enough points to qualify for one of our four certification levels receive a printed certificate from their RA. Certification levels are (from lowest to highest):

  1. Sun Bear Green Living Certificate
  2. Black Bear
  3. Giant Panda
  4. Grizzly

If you’d like to learn more about things you can do to get a higher score on the green living certification, check out the resource list at the bottom of this page.