Sustainable Move-Out 2019

Sustainable Move-Out

Each spring, we provide a space for students to donate and swap items to prevent them from going to waste. 

Each year during finals week, we set up a large tent on Paisley Beach (between BPS and North). Students can bring their unwanted or unneeded items to drop off, and anyone can browse what’s been donated and find things to take home for themselves.  This tradition saves several tons of furniture, clothing, and other items from being thrown out each year. 

The tent is managed and supervised by the Director of Sustainability, all of our Sustainability Fellows, and student volunteers. Want to get involved? Stop by our tent during finals week, keep an eye out for emails on how to volunteer, or apply to be a Waste Diversion Fellow!

2023 Sustainable Move out Event Details: 

Dates: Starting Monday, May 8 at 11AM and concluding Friday, May 12 at 1PM. 

Tent will be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday until 6PM. On Friday, May 12th the Tent will close permanently at 1PM in order for commencement events to proceed. 

Location: Behind BPS and in front of Richter/North

Items to Donate

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Couches and other furniture
  • Mini fridges
  • Microwaves
  • TVs in working condition
  • Organizers
  • Unused notebooks and school supplies
  • Books
  • Anything else in good, working condition that you think another student could use!

Other things to know: This program is free. Please feel free to donate lightly used items and also feel free to take items that you want at no cost! This tradition of swapping goods keeps tons of reusable items out of the waste system!