Photo taken on the campus of Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pa., shown on April 30, 2011. © 201...

Tree Care Committee

We care for, educate the community about, and celebrate our campus trees. 

The Campus Tree Care Committee was established in September 2013 and is responsible for writing the campus tree care plan, helping Facilities implement it when necessary, and

Arbor Day Celebrations:

We celebrate Arbor Day on campus to honor our campus trees and educate the community about campus trees. Read more

Arbor Day Photos

2015 Tree Events on Campus:

-Arbor Day Celebration & Tree Planting

-Perkiomen Watershed Stream Cleanup

-American Chestnut care

2014 Tree Events on Campus:

-WERS Dedication Tree Planting

-Perkiomen Watershed Stream Cleanup

-Green Roof planting

-American Chestnut care

-Arbor Day Celebratory Tree Planting