We use it for heating and cooling our buildings, cooking our food and cleaning up afterwards, lighting our rooms and paths, and much more…

How you can help save energy:

There are lots of things that you can do to help save energy on campus. Here are just a few:

  • Turn off lights when you are the last to leave a room.
  • Use a power strip - turn everything off at night.
  • Put in a work order with facilities when you see a running toilet/leaking tap or if your heat isn’t working properly.
  • Unplug your electronics chargers when you are not using them…good for our energy bill; good for your device!

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Facilities approach

UC has identified projects that will reduce energy consumption related to energy consumption in campus buildings and move us toward our first phase of becoming carbon neutral: a 25% reduction of our per-square-foot greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.  Importantly, our Facilities Services Department has taken many measures to maintain the campus’ heat plant and steam distribution system in excellent working order.   This is allowing the college to extend the years of useful life of the system and increase the efficiency of the existing system.

Boilers: How it all happensUrsinus College Heat Plant Smokestack

Our central, high-pressure steam plant was built in 1962.  It consists of two water-tube boilers, adeaerator, feed water pumps, chemical treatment equipment, and the campus steam distribution system.  Our heating and cooling systems share the same distribution system in some buildings.  Once the setting is switched from one to the other, it is switched for the season.    Boiler #1 fires only with No. 2 heating oil and is our stand-by boiler; boiler #2 has a duel-fuel burner and fires mainly with natural gas and is used for most of the year. 









Energy Fellow

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Mock Energy Bills

Mock Energy Bills & Campus Wide “Power Games” teach students about the cost of energy consumption and their role in reducing consumption.

Mock Energy Bill Sample-732 Main St