Upper Wismer DIning Hall


We all eat, which means we all have the opportunity to be a little more sustainable every day! 

Dining Services

Ursinus uses Sodexo to manage our dining facilities. Sodexo has several sustainable practices in place, including using free-range eggs and following sustainable fish sourcing guidelines. Ursinus is also planning to eliminate plastic straws on campus in 2020. Our dining facilities offer a variety of plant-based options:

Upper Wismer - vegetarian/vegan station, increased vegetarian options on Mondays, plant-based milks, salad bar with local ingredients, Impossible Burger

Lower Wismer - vegetarian and vegan choices at all stations, including vegan meat alternatives at The Grill, tofu and plant-based milks at Jazzman’s, hummus at SubConnection, and veggie burritos at Tres Habaneros 

The C-Store - fresh fruits and veggies, lots of packaged vegetarian and vegan options, Beyond Meats

Natural - plant-based milks, salads, toasts, lots of smoothies and fruit and veggie options

We’re consistently working to expand our local, sustainably sourced, and plant-based menu options on campus. Have more questions? Contact Dining Services or our office. 

Food Fellows

Our Food Fellows, part of our Sustainability Fellows program, work closely with Dining Services. They advocate for sustainable menu options, serve as a voice for students, and plan events and programming on campus. Meet our current Food Fellows here

Campus Farm 

Our campus farm uses organic practices to grow food and provide a learning space for students. Much of the food that is grown at the farm is used in Wismer! 

Wismer on Wheels

Although not a program run by the Office of Sustainability, Wismer on Wheels does a lot of important work in reducing food waste on campus. This student-run organization follows food safety guidelines to take perfectly edible food that would otherwise need to be thrown out, and donates it to those in need. 

Catering & Events

If you’re catering an event on campus, make sure to offer plant-based options, ask for china instead of single-use plates and utensils, and get a water pitcher instead of plastic bottles!