Students and Trees in Olin Plaza

Grounds and Trees

At Ursinus, we take pride in cultivating beautiful, functional, and sustainable grounds. 

From our lush main campus to our 5 acres of forested land, there’s a wide range of natural experiences on our campus. Read about how we maintain our natural spaces below, or take our Virtual Green Campus Tour.


Sustainable Maintenance

We work closely with Facilities to use environmentally-friendly practices to maintain our grounds, including planting native species, using very few pesticides, and allowing natural rainwater to hydrate our lawns. Care is also taken in the maintenance of our athletic fields to ensure that we are responsibly using our resources. 

Naturalized Stormwater Basin

In 2004, Environmental Studies Major Erony Whyte undertook a Summer Fellows project to construct a stormwater retention basin on the northwest end of campus. This basin provides habitat for wildlife and native plants, prevents soil erosion, sequesters carbon, and adds to the natural beauty of our campus. 

Tree Care

Our Tree Care Committee writes and maintains our Tree Care Plan, which ensures that our trees are sustainably managed. For every tree that needs to come down, we plant two trees to replace them. Our trees provide us with shade, beauty, protection from erosion, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, and many other benefits.