Ursinus has 5 acres of forested land and 55 acres that have mature trees in areas of lawn.  We love our trees and hope you will too!

Tree Master Plan

We have prepared a tree master plan that addresses, at least briefly, a variety of topics in addition to trees, including: stormwater runoff, lawn maintenance and protection, native plant species, rain gardens, edible landscape opportunities, etc. (2011).  This master plan will guide all future activities on the campus grounds by our workers.  The college is currently undertaking strategic planning.  This effort will likely be followed by a master planning effort.The tree master plan will need to be modified commensurate with the master plan. In 2004, as we were constructing the Kaleidoscope Theatre on our campus, we made a strategic decision to remove the road that transected the campus.  This made our internal campus into a pedestrian campus.  We were able to save the trees that had lined the internal road, and they now line a pedestrian thoroughfare.  We have paths that traverse the campus and are suitable for pedestrians and bicycles.

Tree Campus USA

We are currently working toward Tree Campus USA status.  Check back for more details soon.

Tree Survey

Alumnus Amos Almy (Environmental Studies, 2013) used the recent tree master plan to get campus trees onto the Philly Tree Map site (Click on the link and zoom into the campus area). The survey identifies individual trees by location and species and will also have information on tree diameter. This project provides the campus with information on the ecosystem service benefits of campus trees. This information is used by professor Patrick Hurley in his ENV 100 class.  The image below shows the trees that have been mapped on the Ursinus Campus along with their yearly ecological impact.

Penn Treaty Tree Descendent PennTreatyTree & BPS

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