Man riding Bikeshare bike outside of Wismer


Cut your carbon footprint and find out about our environmentally-friendly transportation options.   

Whether you’re a student, faculty, or staff member, we have a bunch of options for you to get where you need to go just a little more sustainably! 


For just $10 a year, you can become a member of our Bikeshare program. This gives you the opportunity to bike around Collegeville, the Perkiomen trail, or anywhere else. Read the details here.

BikeShare is not typically available outside the fall and spring semesters. 

Campus Vehicle Fleet

If you’re a staff or faculty member looking to take students off campus for a field trip or volunteer opportunity, take advantage of the college vans. These vehicles hold lots of students, are discreet, and can lower the total number of cars you need to take. As a bonus, students who obtain a Van Driving Certification through the College can drive these vehicles, and it lowers the burden on students needing to drive a personal vehicle to a field trip. 

Electric Vehicle Charging

Our new Commons will be equipped with an electric vehicle charging station, so you can keep lowering emissions! 

Public Transportation

If you need to get somewhere locally, check out the SEPTA bus website or the Norristown Transportation Center



Idling on Campus:

Did you know that idling your car is not allowed on campus? This rule applies to individual cars as well as buses. So turn off your car when you are waiting. Of note, it is dangerous to sit in an idling car because of carbon monoxide poisoning.