Kylie Cherneskie '21 and Jake Twill '20 help with Freshman Move-In

Recycling & Waste

We’re all about reducing our footprint - or should we say, “Bear Print”


Here at Ursinus, we can recycle plastics #1-7, glass, aluminum, cardboard, and paper. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for some more helpful guidance! 

Each building on campus has recycling bins. In residence halls, these are tall blue bins or green square bins. At any time, you can contact Facilities and ask for a personal bin to keep in your room that you can empty into a nearby communal recycling bin, or contact us for help locating a bin or getting a new one for your residence. 


In all buildings on campus, including Main Street houses, trash bins are grey. Our waste is picked up by our waste hauler, incinerated, and the energy generated is used for electricity. 

How We’re Reducing Waste

We work to reduce waste on a number of fronts, including purchasing less and reducing food waste. Two of our favorite ways to keep items from being trashed are our Sustainable Move-In and Sustainable Move-Out programs! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Recycling and Waste