Green Team members recycled cardboard for Sustainable Move-In.Green Team members recycled cardboard for Sustainable Move-In.

Recycling on Campus

Can I recycle this? …we hear this a lot!  And the answer is often “Yes!!”  We are committed to limiting our waste stream here on campus.

Recyclable on campus

We recycle a lot as a campus, but we need your help to make recycling part of everyone’s routine and increase the percentage of our waste that is diverted from the waste-stream.  This is IMPORTANT!!  Here’s what we can recycle on campus:

Types of Recycling bins on campus

And have you been wondering about all the different bins we have for recycling on campus?  Here’s the scoop: You can recycle plastics (#1-7), aluminum cans, papers, and glass containers in (see the items listed above) in ANY of these bins!!

Other Recycling On Campus

In addition to the day-to-day recycling that is used by community members, various departments recycle:

Do you know of something that is being recycled on campus that’s not listed here? …or have ideas of how we could recycle more?  Let us know!!!


Recyclable OFF Campus

And how about the things that we can’t recycle here?

Learn more about recycling at Ursinus:

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