Faculty Collaborations

These programs are premised on the idea that our faculty are themselves the most valuable resource on teaching and learning we have. These simple structures help faculty work together and support each other more effectively. 

Observational Partnerships

Two faculty members from different departments learn more about their teaching through the eyes of their colleague. The aim is to model a culture of supportive and constructive criticism, decrease anxieties associated with teaching observation, and emphasize what faculty can learn from sustained engagement with the teaching of their colleagues, regardless of discipline. Partnerships may choose to meet for a full or half semester, and faculty may sign up together or may ask to be paired by the TLI Directors. 

All faculty are eligible to participate. 
  • Teaching and Learning Institute

    Carlita Favero, Co-Director
    P: 610-409-3041

    Diane Skorina, Co-Director
    P: 610-409-3022