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The Asterisk is a student-run page. Here’s more about Blaise, the current editor.

Blaise Laramee

Blaise is a senior English major and Creative Writing minor from Philadelphia.

Billy Collins is his muse.

If he could have any object replace his non-dominant hand, he’d wear a bright, silver spoon, sharpened on one edge.

Blaise is a contributor and reader of submissions for the literary magazine, The Lantern. He’s a student leader with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a copy editor for the school newspaper the Grizzly, co-leader of Lit Soc (the literary society), a contributor to the student-run literary magazine Aux./Vox., and a resident of the Art and Writing House. He manages the Ursinus Squirrels, Ursinus Condiments, and Gladys the Gardener Facebook pages.

Read more about Blaise in his student bio.