First-Year Day of Service 25


UCARE inspires the belief that positive change can be made in our world, and helps students make that change happen. 

The Ursinus Center for Advocacy, Responsibility and Engagement (UCARE) serves as the hub for community engagement and social advocacy at Ursinus College. Through partnerships with more than 30 community agencies, UCARE provides a variety of hands-on service opportunities and trainings for our students.  UCARE’s goal is to help Ursinus College students develop as thoughtful and responsible civic leaders, attuned to the context, strengths, and needs of the communities in which they serve. 

College students often feel compelled to become actively involved in the world they learn about in the classroom. Through direct service and advocacy opportunities, UCARE offers a variety of ways in which students may participate in the change they wish to see. Students are also encouraged to take courses with community-based learning components. Moreover, students can pursue a minor in Peace and Social Justice Studies. Through these experiences in and outside the classroom, students begin to make connections between their academic studies and their society. When these connections are made, students are likely to develop into the stakeholders of our democracy. 

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Our office is located in Myrin Library, Lower Level
Monday through Friday 
9am-12pm; 1-5pm


Phone: 610 409 3093
Fax: 610 409 3741

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