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Peer Assisted Study Sessions for General & Organic Chemistry

PASS sessions are held once a week for 60 minutes and are organized by course and professor.  A student tutor facilitates the session and provides guidance for homework and will review class material. 

Each semester, Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are offered for General Chemistry I & II (105, 151, and 206) and Organic Chemistry I & II (106 and 205). 

In order to participate in PASS, you must register for a session.

PASS is not a drop-in program.  You will receive an email prior to the first week of classes with information on how to register for a PASS section

You should register as soon as possible to reserve a seat.  Students are placed in groups on a first-come, first-served basis.  If a session becomes full, you will be placed on a waitlist and emailed when a spot opens.  If placed in a PASS group, you must attend the same session every week. If you no longer wish to attend PASS, you can withdraw at any time by contacting Nick Hanford. 

If needed, one-on-one tutoring for Chemistry is also available.  However, if you request one-on-one tutoring, it is expected that you will simultaneously attend a PASS session. 

If you have any questions about PASS or one-one tutoring, please contact Nick Hanford at nhanford@ursinus.edu or at 610-409-3088.   

Preparing for you PASS Sessions

PASS is a great way to supplement your own studying and preparation. Your PASS Instructor, an upperclass student who has excelled in Chemistry courses, will answer any questions and lead the group in activities to strengthen your Chemistry knowledge and ability. 

Coming to PASS sessions prepared will help you get the most out of the meeting. Attempt homework, textbook readings, and other assignments before coming to your PASS session. Attempting these will help you formulate questions about the material and pinpoint the steps where you are having difficulty. It will also give your PASS Instructor a better idea of what concepts to review and what practice problems might be helpful.

Here is what past students said about the program:

“Invaluable tool for going over homework problems and studying for the exams.”

“It is helpful to have someone to ask questions to besides the professor.”

“It helped me get started on my chemistry assignments in advance and helped me understand some material that I didn’t understand in class.”

“PASS improved my grade.”

“It helps with learning new concepts, and also gives you a chance to work in a smaller group.”

“It’s very helpful to work in a small group with a tutor. We had a lot of the same questions so it was a good use of everyone’s time.”