Committed to providing services that help students meet their physical and mental health needs from a holistic perspective, with a focus on education for life-long learning and health. 

Wellness Center

Make an Appointment

To schedule a counseling or medical appointment please call 610-409-310 or email  The office manager will assist you in scheduling either an initial appointment with a therapist or a medical appointment with the doctor or nurse practitioner as soon as possible.  Counseling appointments can be scheduled within a few days to a week of a student’s request, depending on staff and student schedules.  Medical appointments can typically be scheduled the same or next day.


  • Stress Management Group

    The Wellness Center is providing a stress management group this semester. The objective of this group is to create a safe space in which students can learn and develop stress management and resilience strategies for navigating current stressors.

    This group is a good fit for students who experience difficulty with overwhelming anxiety, emotions, and other forms of psychological discomfort.

    Group members are encouraged to participate in all of the one-hour sessions for four weeks, but are allowed to drop in and out as necessary.

    Specific start dates and times are pending and dependent on availability and level of interest from students. If you are interested, please contact The Wellness Center at  or 610-409-3100.



  • Trans & Gender Non-Binary Support Group

    Do you identify as transgender, gender non-binary, questioning, or other gender variant identity?  

    Want to share with other students who identify in this way too?  

    We’re starting a Wellness group this semester to do just that!

    Ursinus’s Wellness Center invites you to join our Trans/Gender-Non-Binary Support Group.  Ursinus students who identify as transgender, gender non-binary, questioning, or other gender variant identity are welcome to join this is student-centered support group.  We will come together to explore gender identity and support one another on the issues that may impact trans college students. 

    We are hoping to hold our first meeting within the early weeks of February and will aim to run through the remainder of the Spring 2019 semester.  Regarding specific dates and times, we will attempt to choose a recurring weekday and time that will accommodate as many interested students as possible.  We are asking for a commitment to attend all group sessions this semester with the understanding that situations do arise where you may need to be absent.  All sessions are free and confidential.

    Please email the Wellness Center at to arrange a pre-group meeting to discuss whether this group matches your needs and to discuss your available days and times!

  • Flu Shots at Wellness

    Flu season is here! Flu shots are now available at the Wellness Center for $15 cash/check. We can provide a receipt to be given to your health insurance company for possible reimbursement. Email or call 610-409-3100 to schedule!