Financial Health Resources

Bear2Bear Student Emergency Fund

The Ursinus Bear2Bear Student Emergency Fund reviews new submissions on a rolling basis and are committed to making final decisions as soon as we are able. More information about the fund and the eligibility requirements can be found on our website.

Applying for Unemployment

Another option for workers in Pennsylvania whose employers have been closed is applying for unemployment. Live Chat features talk you through the process with a representative and all the FAQs about the process are online.

Aunt Bertha

Aunt Bertha is a great resource that uses your zip code to search for free or reduced cost services like food, goods, medical care and more.

Wi-Fi and Data Plans

Comcast announced free Xfinity wifi for anyone, even non-Comcast customers, for the next 60 days. They also have paused all data plans for current customers to allow for unlimited data for next 60 days, and they are stopping late fees and disconnections for late payments. Verizon has waived late fees until May 13, 2020. They are asking customers to reach out to discuss additional options. You can also find the best low-cost cellular options here.