Governor Wolf has rescheduled the PA Primary for Tuesday, June 2nd (it was previously scheduled for April 28th). More info on that update can be found here. Other updates include potential consolidation of polling places due to an expected shortage of poll workers – you can check your polling place here.

The rescheduled election day also means that individuals have more time to register to vote before voting in the primary – the new deadline to register to vote in the PA Primary is May 18th, 2020.

PA voters are also strongly encouraged to vote by mail. Here is the link to apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot. If you do not have a PA driver’s license or ID, you can still apply! You would just need to print the correct paper application form and mail it in – links to those forms are on the first page of the application.

How do I register to vote in Pennsylvania using my Ursinus address if I live out of state?

Fill out your registration form online and then print a PDF version of the application (your answers will all be filled in already). Sign it and then mail it to the address indicated on the form. Your Ursinus address should appear as follows:

Address Line 1: 601 E. Main St.

Address Line 2: MSC # _____ (your mailbox number at UC)

City, State, Zip Code: Collegeville, PA 19426

County: Montgomery County

After your voter registration is submitted and accepted, you may request a vote by mail ballot for the June 2 primary and/or the November 3 election. You can do that here.


  • Absentee = you are currently living away from where you are registered to vote (e.g. student who is registered at their Ursinus address but is currently home)
  • Vote by Mail = you are living at the address where you are registered to vote, but you would rather mail in your ballot than vote in person (e.g. staff member who is practicing social distancing)