FAQs for Faculty and Staff

This page is in development. Check back often as we do our best to provide answers to some of your most important questions.

Working Remotely

Students and faculty should contact the Institute for Student Success if students have specific concerns about learning remotely, but email Tech Support with specific tech issues.

Additionally, we have formed a Student Resource Team comprised of members in the Dean’s Office, Institute for Student Success, and Library and IT to share concerns we are hearing from faculty, staff, and students about teaching, learning, and working remotely. This team will continue to develop resources with your concerns in mind. If you would like to send a message to the group, please feel free to do so by emailing us. Email us at: 276b44f6.ursinuscollege365.onmicrosoft.com@amer.teams.ms 
(Please note: you may need to copy and paste the above email address directly into the To: field)

Human Resources and Payroll

General Questions