First Year Advising

At Ursinus, you enter the College as an undeclared major. You may declare an area of interest but you have a First-Year Adviser until you declare a major in the spring of your first year. Faculty members from all the disciplines and academic support staff serve as first-year advisers.

Meetings With Advisers

May Orientation

  • Meet one-on-one with your adviser
  • Get acquainted with your adviser and begin talking about your goals
  • Plan the courses you will take in the fall semester

August Orientation

  • Meet for lunch with your adviser following Convocation & the first CIE class
  • Continue to develop a relationship with your adviser
  • Discuss expectations and goals for the semester
  • Make any necessary changes to your class schedule
  • Ask any remaining questions

Fall Semester

  • Meet weekly with your adviser and peers during your first semester. This allows your adviser to help you adjust to college and identify any early warning signs of academic or personal difficulties. Talking with your peers with your adviser provides you with the opportunity to share your experiences transitioning to Ursinus with other students. 
  • After the fall semester, you are encouraged to meet with your adviser on an “as needed” basis.

Required/recommended meetings with Advisees

  • Advisers are prepared to help you deal with personal and academic issues. Your adviser is there to answer questions or point you in the right direction.
  • You are strongly encouraged to meet with your adviser to review mid-term grades
  • You must meet with your adviser prior to registering for courses for the following semester
  • During the spring semester of your first year, you meet with your adviser to discuss declaring a major or exploring what your major may be.
  • If you receive an academic warning you must meet with your adviser within five days.