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Our Unique Curriculum

Ursinus Quest: Open Questions Open Minds curriculum, a way of teaching—and a way of doing—that ensures you are thinking about what matters most and the impact you’ll have on the world.

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Education is a conversation, and the best conversations begin with real questions. The Quest curriculum is built around four questions that everyone confronts: what should matter to me? how should we live together? how can we understand the world? what will I do?

Liberal education can be valuable for people in all phases of life, in all circumstances.

One mark of an educated person is to recognize that any
question where there’s something significant at stake is complicated—that there will be multiple perspectives on that question with varying degrees of legitimacy. And that there is no simple answer to any question.

Trying to get our students comfortable with complexity, and with being skeptical of simple-minded answers to complicated questions, is an enormously important project to which I think every institution of higher learning should be committed.

~ Andrew Delbanco, Teagle Foundation President

Quest: Open Questions Open Minds News

U.S. Department of State Grant Fortifies Study Abroad Program

Ursinus is one of 34 colleges and universities in 28 states to be awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of State’s Increase and Diversify Education Abroad for U.S. Students (IDEAS) Program, which aims to develop and expand study abroad programs around the world.

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Quest: Open Questions Open Minds News

Interdisciplinary Opportunities at Ursinus Lead to a Dynamic Career

Indira Joell ’19 gives credit to her Ursinus education and mentorship for igniting a passion for teaching, learning, and creating equity in educational access and achievement.
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