ReImagine Ursinus Collegeville Logo Re-envisioning Collegeville and Ursinus to build resiliency in the face of climate change

While one borough can’t stop all of the negative effects of climate change, our community can certainly come together to reduce its emissions impact and live more sustainably together.

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The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania’s “Reimagine” program works with local community groups to explore and develop environmentally and economically sustainable communities.

The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania’s Reimagine-Ursinus-Collegeville program is part of a League initiative beginning in 2016. The League currently has eight Reimagine projects connecting local community members with local government and LWVPA leagues to explore and develop environmentally and economically sustainable projects. These projects are long-term commitments to the local communities and are an opportunity for statewide collaboration and information sharing. Reimagine Ursinus-Collegeville is an offshoot whose goal is to unite Ursinus students, faculty, staff, Collegeville residents, elected leaders, and local businesses to make Collegeville as healthy and sustainable as it can be.

Over the past few years, Collegeville has seen the effects of the climate crisis firsthand. The Perkiomen Creek has broken water level height records two years in a row, in addition to record-breaking high temperatures. These disturbing shifts have already caused losses for businesses along the Creek. The LWVPA held a visioning session at Ursinus on Earth Day 2022, and the students, local government officials, business leaders, and citizens generated several project ideas. The Reimagine-Ursinus-Collegeville project was created from this meeting. The Reimagine team was formed and began work on several projects. Please fill out the “Contact Us” page to participate in these projects.

Joining the League

League of Women Voters PA membership is an opportunity to participate in our democracy actively. We hold educational webinars, advocate for legislation, and create a chance to have citizens’ voices heard. We are non-partisan and committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all we do. All our policy issues are studied and reviewed by all our leagues across the United States. We have issued a Climate Emergency Declaration, and all Reimagine work creates local environmental action. Student memberships are free, and the experience gained by working with the League is invaluable. The League of Women Voters has an impeccable reputation and is a remarkable addition to anyone’s professional resume. For membership details, contact

Interested in Joining the Team? 

If you are a Collegeville resident, associated with Ursinus College, and/or can assist in the Reimagine Ursinus-Collegeville’s mission,
reach out through the Contact Us page,
and we’d be glad to have you!