Welcome families from the class of 2023! May 30-31 marks spring orientation on campus. DetailsWelcome families from the class of 2023! May 30-31 marks spring orientation on campus. Details

Motor Vehicles

The Ursinus College campus is private property, and the College determines all motor vehicle regulations. All vehicles brought on campus must be registered with Campus Safety in Wismer Center within the first week of classes, or within twenty four (24) hours of arrival during the semester. The College is not responsible for the safety or protection of motor vehicles, or their contents, while parked on College property.

First-year students must submit written requests to the Campus Safety Parking Division for review and approval to have automobiles on campus. Applications are available at https://www.ursinus.edu/parking. Parking for first-year students is very limited. To register cars, students must have their Ursinus College ID and the vehicle registration. Unregistered vehicles may be booted or towed without notice at the owner’s expense. The registration fee is $125.00 per vehicle (including motorcycles). If approved, the registration fee will be applied to the student’s account.

To help maintain the beauty of the campus, students must abide by all Ursinus College traffic and parking regulations. These regulations are provided on the Vehicle Registration form and Parking web pages. Special parking areas are marked. All drivers must adhere to state and local parking ordinances.

Violations will be distributed when vehicles are not parked according to Ursinus regulations. Fines may be assessed to student accounts at any time once ownership of a vehicle is determined. Repeated violations may result in a tire boot being placed on the vehicle, towing of the vehicle from the premises, and/or loss of parking privileges.

By registering a vehicle, the registrant agrees that neither Ursinus College nor its employees are responsible for injury to persons, nor for the theft of, or damage to, vehicles or their contents, while parked on College property. Vehicles must be operated in a prudent manner relative to conditions of the road or lot, weather, time of day, etc., while on College property. Responsibility for any liability resulting from the location or operation of a motor vehicle on College property rests with the operator or owner and not with the College. The person who registers a vehicle is responsible for assuring that the vehicle, regardless of who drives it, is driven and parked in accordance with these regulations.

Parking Guidelines for Ursinus College

All members of the college community are expected to adhere to the following parking regulations:

  1. All cars must be parked on paved or conditioned surfaces (e.g. macadam, blacktop, or stone). There is no curbside parking on campus. Vehicles must park in a designated spot.
  2. No parking is permitted on grass, dirt, or wedged in between trees.
  3. All campus driveways are considered fire lanes (regardless of markings). Therefore, parking in driveways is strictly prohibited, and vehicles may be towed without warning.
  4. All cars must be registered with Campus Safety. Stickers are not transferable to other cars.
  5. All visitors to campus must register their cars with Campus Safety in Wismer Center. A temporary permit for parking in the 9th Avenue Lot will be issued to visitors who are on campus for more than three (3) hours and who park outside of the Corson Visitors lot.
  6. Temporary Permits for students are available in the Campus Safety Office and will be issued for a cost of $10 per-week requested. Campus Safety encourages students to register their vehicles and receive a valid permit as opposed to a temporary one, but also understands circumstances exist where a student needs a car temporarily.
  7. Parking stickers must be displayed and properly affixed on the driver side of the car on the outside of the vehicle in either the rear windshield or on the rear bumper. Permit must be visible. Vehicles not properly displaying a permit may be ticketed.