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Leave of Absence (LOA)

Students may encounter circumstances that require them to take time away from the College. In those situations, students can request a leave of absence (LOA).  Students are encouraged to discuss their request with someone in the Ursinus Institute for Student Success.

A LOA may impact financial aid, student account or academic progress, so students considering a LOA are encouraged to contact Student Financial Services and their academic adviser to verify impact.

The Exit Process

Students interested in a LOA must submit a Request for Leave of Absence.

The Ursinus Institute for Student Success will review the student’s request for a LOA and communicate with the student about .   If approved, students on a LOA are not permitted to be on campus. 

Returning from a LOA

Students interested in returning to the College from a LOA must submit the Request to Return to Active Status at least one month prior to the anticipated semester for return. This ensures sufficient time to complete the process.