Facilities Services

The Ursinus College Facilities Services department is responsible for all aspects of construction, grounds care, cleaning, maintenance and other services for campus buildings and housing.  The campus consists of more than 65 buildings set on 168 acres of beautiful gardens, healthy green lawns, well-groomed athletic fields, and natural woodlands.

Ursinus College Facilities Services is committed to quality service for the students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This is achieved by anticipating and providing a safe and healthy physical environment for everyone on campus.  We create an optimal environment for student achievement. More information can be viewed on the Facilities Services website. The Facilities Services building is located at the 5th Avenue southeastern entrance into campus across from the Heat Plant (the large smokestack visible from anywhere on campus.)

Fixed Repair Rates  
Repair Thermostat $100.00
Tamper with heat valves $50.00
Replace baseboard heat unit $100.00
Replace discharge vent on HVAC unit $50.00
Replace window air-conditioner unit $200.00
Replace missing a/c appliance extension cord $15.00
Replace College owned a/c unit $200.00
Open clogged sink or shower $50.00
Open clogged toilet $50.00
Broken Showerhead $100.00
Replace broken toilet seat $50.00
Replace broken toilet   $325.00
Replace broken sink $225.00
Replace faucet handles (per piece) $50.00
Replace single lever faucet $155.00
Replace water fountain $1,700.00
Replace missing switch covers $20.00
Replace missing receptacle covers $20.00
Replace broken light fixture $100.00
Replace broken light cover or globe $50.00
Replace broken light switch $50.00
Broken cable/data outlet $50.00
Replace campus pole and light $3,750.00
Repair/reinstall light post (weld/paint) $500.00
Replace light pole head only $1,800.00
Tampering with/discharging extinguishers, smoke or heat detectors, or fire alarm pull boxes $250.00 plus any additional contractor fees
Tampering with exit systems- includes door prop alarms and lock mechanisms $100.00
Exit sign   $185.00
Replace fire escape ladder $250.00
Repair door lock $50.00
Replace Reimert suite door lock $475.00
Replace door lock $150.00
Replace passage set on door  $70.00
Replace interior fire rated door $1,500.00
Replace interior door $425.00
Replace exterior door $900.00
Replace closet door $250.00
Rehang closet door $50.00
Replace double door panic bar $500.00
Replace single door panic bar $250.00
Replace door strike $40.00
Replace door knob $50.00
Replace wooden door jamb $100.00
Refinish door (strip & refinish) $150.00
Replace peep hole $25.00
Replace mechanical door closer $120.00
Replace toilet partitions (custom order) $1,000.00
Replace air louvers on bathroom doors (Reimert) $150.00
Repair hole in wall 12”x12” or less $150.00
Repair hole in wall 12”x12” or larger $200.00
Replace broken windowpane 12”x12” or less $50.00
Replace broken windowpane 12”x12” or larger $75.00
Replace broken thermal window glass (dorm rm) $175.00
Replace broken tempered door glass $150.00
Replace security window screen $105.00
Replace Pella window locks $55.00
Replace window shade $30.00
Replace carpet in student or common room $950.00
Replace VCT (vinyl) flooring - per tile $50.00
Repaint wall $175.00
Repaint room  $350.00
Touch up paint due to vandalism $75.00
Replace paper towel dispenser $60.00
Replace toilet paper dispenser $60.00
Replace towel hook or bar $20.00
Replace bathroom mirror (wall mount) $150.00
Replace missing/broken shower rod $50.00
Replace bathroom or room signs  $50.00
Replace lounge sofa $3,000.00
Replace lounge love seat $2,000.00
Replace lounge corner piece sectional sofa $2,200.00
Replace upholstered lounge chair  $1,000.00
Replace lounge end table $300.00
Replace lounge coffee table $1,000.00
Replace high top table $600.00
Replace lounge Doni Stool $500.00
Replace lounge Doni armless chair $300.00
Replace 5’ round table (event furniture) $400.00
Replace 6’ rectangular table (event furniture) $275.00
Replace bed frame & spring $450.00
Replace mattress $200.00
Replace wardrobe/armoire $900.00
Replace dresser $500.00
Replace missing/broken dresser drawer $100.00
Replace desk $400.00
Replace missing/broken desk drawer $75.00
Replace desk chair $160.00
Reassemble student bed $50.00
Replace missing trash or recycling bin (common) $55.00
Replace missing/broken vacuum $355.00
Replace missing/broken dorm mirror $60.00
After hours custodial cleaning (call in) $150.00
Remove excessive trash (trash & personal items left) $150.00
Remove moderate trash (larger personal items & trash) $100.00
Remove minor trash (few small personal items) $50.00
Clean walls or adhesive removal $50.00
Clean door excessively damaged $50.00
Clean excessively dirty carpet $50.00
Clean dorm refrigerator $50.00
Remove/return college furniture/items (per piece) $30.00
Remove/dispose non-college couch $150.00
Remove/dispose non-college chair $50.00
Remove/dispose non-college loft $50.00
Remove/dispose electronics/refrigerators (per piece) $150.00
Clean/remove minor graffiti $50.00
Clean/remove excessive graffiti $100.00
Subject to replacement costs for materials (trees, shrubbery, sod, mulch, etc.). Plus labor charges  


NOTE – Labor charges assessed are based upon Facilities trades salaries each year. These include, but are not limited to: carpenters, plumbers, HVAC locksmiths, and supervisory charges.

Carpentry/plumbing - $40/hour day - $60/hour OT (2 hour minimum)
HVAC/electricians/locksmith - $42/hour- $63/hour OT (2 hour minimum)
Groundskeeper- $37/hour- $56/hr OT (2 hour minimum)
Supervisory staff - $45/hour day - $68/hour OT (2 hour minimum)

Key Replacement

An exterior building key, MSC key, and individual room key will be issued to residents of each hall as appropriate. If a student loses a key, they should report the loss immediately to Facilities Services. Facilities Services will issue the student a replacement key and give the student 72 hours to find and return their lost key. If a student finds and returns the key within that time frame, they will only be charged the $15 replacement cost. If a student does not return the key within 72 hours, they will be charged a $275 replacement key fee and the locks will be changed on that door. At the end of the academic year, students must return room and exterior building keys, but keep MSC keys. Only graduating seniors, students changing their residency status to commuter or off campus, and students permanently leaving the college return MSC keys at the end of the year. Students will be charged $275 if they do not turn in their mail key. If room and exterior building keys are not returned at the end of the year, the student will be charged key replacement fees as appropriate.