Residence Hall Procedures

Residence Hall Opening Procedures – Room Inventory Information

All students must participate in the College’s official check-in process. Residence hall rooms may not be occupied by students before their scheduled arrival date. During the first week of the semester, residents will receive room inventory information via email from our office. It is your responsibility to review the room inventory information and contact our office if there are discrepancies. Failure to notify our office of discrepancies before the deadline means you forfeit participation in the damage charges appeal process.

Break Periods

Students are encouraged to leave campus during break periods. The residence halls are closed for Winter Break, and housing is only provided for international students and those affiliated with an approved College-sponsored program. Students approved to stay on campus during winter break may be required to consolidate into another building. Students found in the residence halls without permission during winter break will be required to leave campus immediately and may be subject to disciplinary action.

When leaving the residence hall for break periods, students should do the following:

  • Close and lock windows; draw shades
  • Unplug all electrical equipment. Refrigerators may remain plugged in but perishable items must be removed.
  • Remove perishable items and trash from rooms, kitchens, and common areas
  • Turn off lights
  • Lock doors

Residence Hall Closing Procedures

Students may not occupy their room assignments after their scheduled move out date. All students must participate in the College’s closing procedures.

Students must follow the check-out processes with their RA and return keys to the Key Room in the designated envelope before departing campus. Failure to complete Residence Life’s check-out process with the RA and/or return keys properly may result in a fine. Students will be held accountable for any discrepancies between the Room Inventory information and final condition of the room. The room will be inspected by staff following the closing of the residence halls to assess damage charges. If personal belongings remain in the room after a student has checked out, the college reserves the right to confiscate or discard them. Residents will be charged for damages and missing items. If personal items remain in common areas after the residence halls have closed, the College reserves the right to discard them. Residents will be charged for missing items or the removal of items left behind in common areas.

Entering Student Rooms

Students have a right to privacy in the residence hall rooms. College personnel have the right to enter student rooms for routine maintenance and inspection at all times. Under certain circumstances, the student right to privacy is waived, including but not limited to instances when: 1) a student requests that maintenance work be completed in the room; 2) the college needs to repair, inspect and/or maintain facilities; 3) the College or its representatives reasonably fear harm to life, safety, health, property, or illegal activity; (4) the residence halls are closed.

During any entering or inspection of residence hall rooms, any evidence of violations of the Student Code of Conduct or any other College policy may be confiscated. Students may forfeit ownership of confiscated property. Students may request the return of seized property through the Executive Director of Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness. The decision to return property is at the discretion of the College. Property that is illegal will not be returned.