At all social activities, the following guidelines will apply:

The sponsoring group will name individuals to serve as event directors. Event Directors must abide by all Event Director policies and procedures as outlined in the training program.  

  1. If alcohol is present at the event, the following guidelines will apply: (Illegal, Unauthorized or Irresponsible Substance Abuse Policy)
    1. Alcohol may only be consumed by persons 21 years of age or over.
    2. College funds may not be used to purchase alcohol.
    3. A sufficient quantity of non-alcoholic beverages and food must be provided.
    4. Advertising or promotion of the event may not include any reference to drinking or to the availability of alcoholic beverages.
  2. Students must present a current Ursinus ID to enter any social event.
  3. Visitors must present proper guest registration information to event directors in order to enter any social event. Visitors must be escorted to the social event by their directors.
  4. Events should not be over-crowded. It is the responsibility of the Event Directors to manage the number of individuals present at the event and request assistance if needed.

Events in violation of any of these guidelines will be “Unregistered Events.” Sanctions may include the following: suspension of event privileges for the location or organization(s) for a period of time, loss of housing and individual sanctions.