Student Engagement

The Office of Student and Community Engagement offers assistance to all students who are interested in planning events for the campus, clubs, or Greek organizations. The staff can provide information on how to start a new club, how to apply for funds through the Activities Fund Allocation Committee (AFAC), and how to advertise your event.

Rules and Regulations

  1. A student organization must have its constitution and by-laws approved by the Ursinus College Student Government (UCSG) and the Student Activities and Services Committee (SASC). Any subsequent amendments to the constitution or changes in the by-laws must be approved by UCSG and SASC. The proceedings of all student organizations must be open at all times for faculty inspection. A student organization must have an adviser approved by the Student Engagement Office. The faculty may dissolve an organization of students, which it deems detrimental to the interests of the College.
  2. Locations and times of all regular meetings and formal on-campus activities of student organizations must be approved by the Student Engagement staff. In order to avoid conflicts, all campus spaces should be reserved through the Event Management System managed by the CASE office. Please consult the Leadership Development and Student Activities Office when reserving all facilities. Groups or individuals not associated with Ursinus College must obtain permission from CASE to use college grounds, buildings, and/or other property.
  3. No student shall prepare or cause to be prepared, or publish or cause to be published, any paper, whether a single issue or a periodical, on which the name of the responsible author is not stated. Permission for the mailing of any paper must be obtained from the President, or from the faculty adviser to whom the authority has been delegated, before the paper is mailed.
  4. Participation in any extracurricular activities may be restricted at the discretion of the Dean of the College or as a disciplinary penalty.
  5. The responsibility for student behavior at any student activity, on or off campus, belongs to the individual student’s participation in that activity. Students and their guests participate in these activities at their own risk. While college employees may participate in various aspects of some student activities, the College and its employees do not stand in loco parentis in any sense. The College will take appropriate action against students, their guests, or trespassers who violate college regulations or disobey directions from proper college authorities.