Campus Advertisements & Postings

In order to communicate to the campus community the vibrant and exciting happenings offered here at Ursinus College, use the following guidelines when posting materials or advertising about specifics events, programs, or activities in academic and administrative buildings:

  • Postings are permitted in the following locations: bulletin boards, stairwell landings, elevators, metal doors, and bathrooms stalls.
  • Flyers and publicity materials may not create a safety hazard.
  • Postings may not be placed on glass doors, windows, at the top or bottom of stairwells, close to or covering lighting fixtures, or in places that may disrupt the flow of traffic in a building.
  • Postings must be hung in an orderly, non-cluttered fashion, without multiple postings in one location.
  • Permitted posting materials include thumb tacks, push pins, poster putty, painter’s tape, or magnets.
  • Scotch, packaging or duct tape on any surfaces is prohibited due to the damage and difficulties associated with the removal of such items from walls, doors, and windows.
  • Postings or advertisements should be removed within 24 hours after the event, program, or activity has occurred.
  • Any posting or advertisement that has been damaged and is deemed unreadable may be remove by college personnel.

Please direct any inquiries concerning this policy to the Student Engagement Office.

Guidelines for Family Solicitation

The following guidelines are intended to inform student organizations of the appropriate avenues concerning the solicitation of families in regards to the sale of services or goods. Any officially recognized student organization may make a request for family contact information from the Student Engagement Office. Requests may be made during any period of the academic school year (August through May) and must be approved by a member of Student Engagement Office staff for content. Any requests that are found to be in poor taste or of an offensive nature will be denied, and the sponsoring group may lose their privileges. Offerings must provide goods or services that add to a positive community environment here at the College, and should be of value or worth to the purchaser. Organizations may not ask for donations of money or property and must adhere to all local, state, and federal laws. Raffles, 50/50s, or regulated items such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, etc. are strictly prohibited as offerings. Good common sense along with the faculty adviser’s approval should be used when making a request for family information to make a solicitation. Please direct all inquiries to Student Engagement Office located in the lower level of Wismer Hall or call 610-409-3608.