Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct

Ursinus College is committed to ensuring that all members of the College Community have a learning and working environment that is free from sexual misconduct. Ursinus College considers sexual misconduct to include assault, harassment, stalking, and relationship violence of a sexual nature. These acts are considered sexual discrimination. Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. §§1681-1688, prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs and activities operated by recipients of federal financial assistance, including Ursinus. Ursinus expects that all members of the College Community will share in the responsibility of ensuring that the College environment is free from any form of abuse, violence, or verbal or physical intimidation.

All members of the College Community and visitors to campus are strongly urged to report incidents of sexual misconduct. The College will provide support to complainants to seek criminal prosecution under the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. Any student charged with such an offense will be subject to action under the College Code of Conduct. Persons charged with such offenses may also be prosecuted under Pennsylvania criminal statutes.

When the College becomes aware of allegations of sexual misconduct, it will take prompt and effective action. This action may include an initial assessment of safety and well-being, interim provisions for immediate protection and support for a complainant, a Title IX assessment or investigation, remedies-based resolution (as appropriate), or disciplinary action against a respondent. In all instances, the College, not the complainant, will bear the responsibility for investigating and taking appropriate action.