Social Events

The enjoyment of a variety of social events is an important part of a student’s college experience. The planning and execution of these events offers the opportunity for student leaders to develop a reservoir of insight, experience, and skill, upon which they can draw for a lifetime. Rather than attempt to entertain students, the College seeks to provide expertise and financial support to student leaders as they plan these events.

The responsibility for organizing social events, for overseeing adherence to state and local laws and college policies, and for ensuring the appropriate conduct of students and guests rests with the students involved. Students holding social events will do so with full recognition of the rights and reasonable expectations of others living on and off campus. At all times, social events in residence halls and houses must comply with policies dealing with noise. Social events may be held no later than 12:01 a.m. Monday through Friday, and 2:00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Social events are only permitted in Reimert, Keigwin, Maples, Olevian, Omwake, Todd, Shreiner, and Duryea.