Student Organizations

Becoming an Ursinus Student Organization

Students are encouraged to petition for recognition as a student organization if there is ample interest in a specific topic or activity. In order to put forth such petition, the student must follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Set up an appointment with a student leadership development consultant in the Leadership Development and Student Activities Office.
  2. Begin your application process by reviewing the Intent to Organize Form and Student Organization Constitution Model and Guidelines found on the LD/SAO website.
  3. Create an organizational constitution using the above mentioned model and guidelines.
  4. Choose an organizational advisor. The advisor must be a full-time faculty or staff member of Ursinus College.
  5. Submit application materials to the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office for consideration for advancement to the next stage.
  6. The application materials will be presented to UCSG. Members of UCSG will have an opportunity to review and discuss the application. The application will then be presented for a vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  7. If the application is approved by UCSG, the application will be presented to the Student Activities and Service Committee (SASC) for final approval. When approved by SASC, the organization will need to register with the Leadership Development and Student Activities Office.
  8. If the application is denied by either UCSG or SASC, the applications will be returned to the student petitioning the request. The group will be allowed to reapply for recognition at a later date to be determined by the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office. All groups will be notified by email, phone or in person concerning all decisions.

For additional information on the process of becoming a student organization or to learn more about student clubs & organizations, please visit the Leadership Development & Student Activities website.

Activity Fund Allocation Committee (AFAC)

The Activities Fund Allocation Committee is a student appointed committee responsible for the distribution of funds to approved, open membership clubs & organizations. Qualified clubs & organizations may submit a yearly request for assistance in funding campus events, attending conferences, contracting speakers/performers, etc. Applications for funding will be completed in the spring semester prior to the start of the next academic year. In addition, groups may make one special activity request per academic year.
Additional information as well as electronic submission forms for AFAC requests can be found on the Leadership Development & Student Activities website under Student Clubs & Organizations.

Fundraising Guidelines

Fundraising is defined as the collection of money through donations, sales, and/or event programming for the purposes of charitable donation or organizational project. Fundraising for both Ursinus College and non-college affiliated charitable organizations is permissable provided all guidelines are followed.

All student organizations, college departments and course sanctioned groups must complete a request form and obtain approval of the fundraising activity from the Fundraising Approval Board (FAB). FAB is comprised of student and staff representatives from the following departments: Student Activities, UCARE, Business Office, Advancement, Dean’s Office and Academic Programming. The group meets weekly throughout the semester.

For additional information or to view all required guidelines, please visit the Leadership Development and Student Activities website under Student Clubs & Organizations.

Student Governance

Campus Activities Board (CAB) – responsible for major campus events, comedians, bands, movies, and trips. Check with Leadership Development/ Student Activities for time and dates of meetings.

Ursinus College Student Government (UCSG) – governs the student body and appoints students to campus committees.The UCSG serves as a voice for the student body when there are issues, concerns, or ideas affecting the quality of student life.

Inter-Greek Council (IGC) – fosters a collaborative relationship between Greek organizations, oversees annual Greek events including recruitment, new member education, and Greek Week.

Visit the Student Organizations website for a complete list of student groups.