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Rainbow Resource Center

Providing support and resources for Ursinus’s LGBTQ+ community to ensure all students, staff, and community members feel safe and accepted in their living, working, and learning environments.

The Rainbow Resource Center, formerly the LGBTQA Connection, is a division of Student Affairs and works to ensure all Ursinus community members feel safe and welcome in their living, working, and learning environments. The RRC supports and advocates for Ursinus community members under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

The Rainbow Resource Center also reaches out across campus in the class room and in the community to promote inclusion and integration of issues of gender and sexuality with the goal of creating a more inclusive and welcoming campus so that Ursinus community members of all gender and sexual identities receive the respect and understanding that they deserve.

We’re here for you and want to listen and respond to the community’s needs, concerns, and struggles.

Why the name change?

The “Rainbow” is just a better way of demonstrating that we’re here for all individuals who are members of gender and/or sexual minorities. The former title attempted to include all the “letters” but as the community’s language goes it could no longer easily fit in a title.The rainbow flag has a rich history as serving as the symbol of queer and trans social movements since 1978. It is the most recognized symbol of queer and trans rights—both in the US and internationally—and is (nearly) as all-encompassing as symbols can be. Plus, you can never have enough rainbows.

We are a “resource center” for all things “rainbow”. “Resource” can mean anything from listening to the concerns of a student regarding dynamics in a classroom to helping staff better integrate the perspective of gender and sexual minorities in their course work. 

What’s the difference between the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and the Rainbow Resource Center (RRC)?

The GSA is a student club centered around LGBTQ+ social networking and community building— engaging with a variety of social and activist projects.

The Rainbow Resource Center is housed as a branch of Diversity and Inclusion under Ursinus Student Affairs and therefore works directly with policies and programs to improve the campus environment for people of all sexual and gender identities and expressions.   

Who runs the RRC?

The RRC is coordinated by the staff members of the office of Diversity and Equity.

Dean Terrence Williams is the Director of Diversity and Equity and Patrick Robinson is the Assistant Director of Inclusion and Equity.

Each year a student works with the office on the RRC and this year the student director is Robin Gow.

Where is the RRC located?

The RRC is located in our new space in the Institute for Inclusion and Equity in Lower Wismer.

How did the RRC come about?

Ursinus’s queer community has a rich history, going back to the GSA’s founding in 1991. Nearly ten years ago the college took action to formally establish a resource for all gender and sexual minoritized people. Today the organization actively works to create an environment in which all people can feel their sexual and gender identities and expressions are accepted and included.