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Questions about LGBTQ+ individuals on campus 

 Can I change my name on my email?

-Yes, contact with your birth name and name you want your account changed to (if you have issues please reach out to

Can I have a name other than my birth name on my diploma?

-Yes! Write a letter to registrar (signed) explaining how you would like your name to appear on your diploma. Your birth name will still show up in your legal transcripts but your physical diploma can be changed. (if you have issues please reach out to

Can I change my name using my college address?

-Yes! If you are 18 or older you can change your name in Montgomery County

-This process begins by getting fingerprints taken at a state police station (the closest one to campus is at 2047 Bridge Rd, Schwenksville, PA 19473) (They are open week days from 9am-noon).

-The same day as you get your finger prints taken you can go to Montgomery County Court House and go to the Prothonotary Office on the first floor. They’re going to send you up and down between Administration and Prothonotary to fill out all the filing paperwork. As a word of warning this county rarely waives publication requirements. The filing fee is 160.25$ and that has to be cash or money order. You will need your birth certificate and your social security card along with your fingerprints. 

-Once filed, you will publish your name in two local publications (one must be the Montgomery County Law Reporter (call 610-279-9660 ext. 220). The Pottstown Mercury would be the other publication closest by to call about publishing your name-change record. This costs between 90$-200$ per publication (the rates vary). These need to be published 30 days before your court hearing.

-You’ll return to the court house to get your court hearing date at the court Administration Office. These are always on Wednesdays at 9:30am

-On that day you’ll bring all your paperwork along with your publications. You will be asked to state your birth name multiple times and this can be difficult for some. Find people you can talk to before and after. You can reach out to this office for support if you need just someone to talk to about the process. 

How do I change my gender marker on my license or other IDs?

-The gender marker can get changed to either an M or an F in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately no every location permits non-binary or GNC folks from selecting the X gender marker. In PA this change is fairly simple. You can fill out this form from Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and have a psychologist or doctor sign it to approve the gender marker change. Wellness staff on campus would be qualified to do this.

What kinds sexual health services does the Wellness Center/Campus provide?

-There is STD testing available at the Wellness Center though it is not free of charge

-You can access plan B as well as advising on birth control methods at the Wellness Center 

-The Queer House (777 Main Street) provides free condoms/”female” condoms, dental dams, lubricant, and anal lubricant

Where can I get involved off-campus?

-The LGBT Equality Alliance of Chester County frequently has get togethers, groups, and service projects