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Academic Programs

This summer, courses will be offered during 2 sessions: June 4- 29 and July 5- August 2 with an accelerated finance class May 21-25.

Courses in Economics, Geology, Healthy & Exercise Physiology, Psychology,  Spanish, and Theater and more. See complete list.


  • Registration will open soon and stay open until the end of May.
  • Priority for seats in classes will be given to students taking these courses for credit.

Dates of classes

  • Summer classes will be offered during 3 sessions this summer: 
    • Advanced Finance Boot Camp is May 21-25
    • Session 1 is June 4-June 29
    • Session 2 is July 5- August 2


  • Tuition for individuals taking a course for credit: $1500
  • Tuition for community members who take a course without receiving credit and without an Ursinus College transcript: $250
  • The Ursinus College Summer Session is not part of the agreement with the Perkiomen Valley School District for taking courses free of charge.


  • Housing is available for existing Ursinus students interested in living on campus during the summer session.
  • The housing rate per week is $140.