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Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (S.T.A.T)

You’re only a student for four years, but you’re a Bear for Life. 

Ursinus College Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (UC S.T.A.T.) is a campus organization focused on exposing students to what it means to be proud Ursinus alumni and Bears for Life.  It is composed of enthusiastic students dedicated to educating the campus community about philanthropy as it relates to the College, increasing student engagement and school spirit, and advocating on behalf of the Office of Advancement.

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Our Events

Bear Hugs for Our Donors Day

Bear Hugs for Our Donors Day, occurring during the fall semester, provides an opportunity for the Ursinus community to say “thank you” to our very generous donors for their support.

Students attending Donors Day


Students write thank you notes to our donors!

Philanthropy Day

An annual tradition at Ursinus College, Philanthropy Day is a spring event, where students, faculty and staff learn about how the College has been shaped by philanthropy. 

Students getting excited about Philanthropy DayStudents participating in Philanthropy Day

Students make their own UC pennant, enjoy ice cream and learn about the philanthropists throughout UC history who have made a difference!

UC Quizzo Nights

Throughout the year, STAT hosts Quizzo nights in Wismer Lower where students show off their UC and general knowledge to win exclusive prizes. Gather a team and get your game on!

Students attending Quizzo Nights

One of our teams during a Quizzo night in 2016!

Founders Day

In 2016, STAT sponsored a celebration of Ursinus’ 147th birthday! It was the first time Founders Day had been recognized since 1995. Students and community members gathered to celebrate in Upper Wismer!

Celebration materials from Founders Day

Students at Founders Day

UC’s first president, Dr. Bomberger, was represented at our Founders Day celebration! Students celebrated in Upper Wismer to “toast” the occasion (with sparkling cider) and a special dinner prepared by dining services!