1869 Honor Roll

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Leadership Giving
Making a Difference

Throughout Ursinus’s storied history, private philanthropy has proven instrumental to the college’s growth and vitality. Our 1869 Society—a nod to our founding year—recognizes those individuals, corporations, and foundations whose leadership-level gift commitments ensure our continued success into the future.

Members need to contribute $1,869 or more over the course of a single fiscal year, and those donations can be made through a variety of methods including outright gifts, recurring credit card payments, gifts of stock, and more. Multi-year pledges are encouraged and help to secure membership over a longer term. Our Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) donors have the opportunity to gain membership through our 1869 Society Associates program, with tiered giving based on their graduation years. For more information, click here

Below is a list of 1869 Society members from the 2021 fiscal year (July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021). We are deeply thankful for their generosity to Ursinus College.

Anonymous (8)

red leafJoan J. Abele

red leafWilbert D. Abele ’61

Abele Family Foundation, Inc.

gold leafJanet Ackermann

Bruce L. Adelson P’23

Valerie A. Adelson P’23

red leafPatricia Condon Allen ’56 

American Council of Learned Societies

American Heart Association

Ercem Atillasoy P’21

Suzan Atillasoy P’21

red diamondAndrew A. Bain

red diamondJoan Bain ’47

Seth A. Bakes ’07

red leafEllamay Kreisinger Balas ’68

gold leafBrent Bamberger ’80

gold leafChristy L. Barilotti ’01

gold leafWilliam H. Barnaby ’64

Barnside Farm Compost Facility LLC

gold leafLawrence A. Barocas P’22, P’25

redleaf and diamondJohn R. Barr, Sr. ’65

red leafMildred A. Barr

red leafIrmgard H. Barrett P’90

red leafJames P. Barrett ’64, P’90

red leafJane A. Barth

gold leafMary V. Bean P’12

gold leafStuart C. Bean P’12

redleaf and diamondLouise Bornemann Beardwood ’51

gold leafCyrus Beekey, Jr. ’64

gold leafJoan Beekey ’64

gold leafRobert Y. Beesburg, Jr. ’84

gold leafFloyd K. Berk ’57

gold leafNancy M. Berman

gold leafAlan Bloch

gold leafBrock Blomberg

John G. Bolger ’85

George Bonekemper ’64, P’96

gold leafChristian F. Bormann P’18, P’21

gold leafHolly L. Bormann P’18, P21

black starKathryn M. Bormann ’18

gold leafPatricia Clark Bowman ’73

gold leafThomas Bowman

gold leafKaitlyn C. Boyle

Kathleen J. Boziwick P’23

gold leafDeborah Brackin ’93

gold leafPhillip Brackin, Jr. ’95

gold leafStefana A. Brintzenhoff

Michael J. Brophy ’81

gold leafEthel K. Brown

gold leafJanet Brown ’79, P’12, P’12

red leafCarl V. Buck III ’84, P’22

red leafLaurie J. Buck P’22

gold leafMary Buyse ’96

gold leafPatrick Buyse ’97

red leafAralene Callahan ’72, P’04, P’07, P’11

red leafFrederick Callahan ’70, P’04, P’07, P’11

gold leafNorman Callahan III ’83, P’21

gold leafSusan Callahan ’85, P’21

The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.

gold leafLeila H. Carter P’07

gold leafMichael L. Carter P’07

red leafMarilyn Chapis ’56

red leafNicholas Chapis ’55

Chef’s Dinner Table NYC

Michelle Ciabattoni ’06

Stephen Ciabattoni ’08

gold leafBonnie Nemeth Clarke ’87

gold leafJohn M. Clarke

gold leafDiane Clemens

gold leafElizabeth Clemens ’78

red diamondFlorence Tindall Clemens ’55

gold leafRobert Clemens ’77

gold leafScott Clemens ’69

red leafHunter R. Clouse ’74

The Coby Foundation, Ltd.

Michael F. Cola ’81

red leafNancy E. Coleman ’68

red leafBarbara Compton ’69, P’94

red leafRobert Compton, Jr. ’68, P’94

gold leafTerry Connell ’72

gold leafThe Connell Company

red leafTimothy T. Cope ’65

The Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation

gold leafDeborah Correll

gold leafFrancis M. Correll, Jr. ’83

red leafCarol Corson P’04

red leafJohn “Jef” E.F. Corson P’04

red leafThe Corson Foundation

gold leafPatricia R. Cosgrave P’91

red leafRuthann Connell Couch ’73

gold leafPatrick C. Curry II ’01

red leafWinnifred Berg Cutler ’73

Jeanine L. Czubaroff

Valentine B. Czubaroff

red leafJane B. Daggett P’88

red leafWilliam O. Daggett, Jr. ’62, P’88

gold leafWalter E. Daller

John R. Danzeisen ’70

red leafLawrence P. Davis ’81

red leafNancy Bare Davis ’51

Hector L. de la Puente

Joseph A. Del Duca ’79

red leafHelene Fennimore Delaney ’83

Nancy C. DerSimonian P’16, P’21

Nishan DerSimonian P’16, P’21

gold leafFrederick O. DeSieghardt

black starAmanda K. DeSimone ’12

red leafJoseph M. DeSimone ’86, P’12

black starPhilip DeSimone ’12

red leafSuzanne DeSimone P’12

John F. Devine, Jr. ’83, P’23

Kelly A. Devine P’23

redleaf and diamondKathryn Schaeffer DeWane ’66

red leafGlenn DeWane P’96

red leafMary Ellen Oehrle DeWane ’61, P’96

Frank DiMeglio ’08

Laura DiMeglio ’06

black starNathaniel B. Dorfman ’20

gold leafThe Downs Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation

red diamondMartin L. Dresner ’61

red leafGeorgette Griffith Druckenmiller ’71, P’02

red leafRonald L. Druckenmiller P’02

gold leafLane R. Dubin ’90

Marian A. Dunn

red leafBarbara A. Dupont

red leafGeorge E. Dupont ’70

Dona Bamberger Dyer ’90, P’25

Willard I. Dyer P’25

red leafBrooks Eden

red leafEden Charitable Foundation

Jay W. Eisenhofer P’25

gold leafJohn Eitzen ’91

gold leafSusan Eitzen ’91

gold leafDeborah Ely ’78

gold leafTimothy Ely ’78

gold leafPaula Eriksen

gold leafJuan Espadas

Barbara Ann Vincent Ettinger ’78

red diamondWilda Evans

gold leafFernando Fajardo

gold leafJudith A. Felgoise P’17

gold leafMarc L. Felgoise P’17

gold leafGeorge W. Ferguson P’16

gold leafGrace Ferguson P’16

gold leafRodger A. Ferguson, Jr. ’83

gold leafSuzanne Macaoay Ferguson

red leafRobert Fernandez ’62

red leafSusan Peiffer Fernandez ’64

gold leafJohn M. Fessick ’85

red diamondElizabeth H. Fink ’49

Four Lanterns Winery

Jill R. Fowler P’21, P’23

Kevin T. Fowler P’21, P’23

red leafGeorge R. Freeland ’67

red leafEileen G. Fries

red leafWilliam J. Fries ’76

red leafCharles E. Fryer ’68

red leafIrene Fryer

red diamondWilliam M. Fynan ’53

gold leafGwen Hockenbury Gano ’55

red diamondLucille Jackson Garner ’46

Adam T. Gates ’97

gold leafCatherine M. Geczik ’84

redleaf and diamondFred C. Geiger, Jr. ’51

goldleaf and blackdiamondKatherine M. Gelinne ’12

gold leaf and red diamondMargaret H. George ’49

red leafCarl F. Geuther ’67

red leafCarole A. Geuther

Rob G. Gilfillan IV ’91

Jacqueline Bolger Gleason ’82

gold leafThe Glen Limited Partnership

gold leafMark W. Gordon ’64

red leafSusan Mantz Gotwals ’71

red leafWilliam Gotwals ’69, P’05

gold leafHarriet Gould ’68

gold leafJohn Gould ’66

red leafVincent Gravina III ’71

gold leafGary R. Griffith ’74, P’23

red diamondGeorgette B. Griffith P’71

red diamondRobert W. Griffith ’49, P’71

gold leafSharon A. Griffith P’23

gold leafCarol Guest ’67

red leafCarol K. Haas ’70

Betty B. Hale

redleaf and diamondDoris Felty Hallman ’46

red leafNorman P. Harberger ’50

Jennifer A. Harpel ’92

gold leafLillian S. Harris P’21, P’23

red leafRichard L. Hart ’73

Michael J. Harte ’85

Dane L. Harwood P’12

gold leaf and red diamondWilliam F. Heefner

gold leafGail L. Heinemeyer ’72

red leafCarol Wasserman Heinsdorf ’72

gold leafFrank S. Hennessey ’88

gold leafJoanne P. Hennessey

redleaf and diamondMary Lou Henry ’53

red leafRhoda Blumenthal Hershman ’52

gold leafLisa Geiger Hinkel ’83

gold leafMark Hinkel ’85

gold leafRobert W. Hoffert ’62

red diamondDoris Hoffman

red leafSusan Scherr Hoffman ’61

gold leafBonnie G. Hope P’21

gold leafThomas G. Hope ’92, P’21

gold leafPeter M. Hotz ’83

Gale Fellenser House ’67

gold leafPhilip H. How ’56

red leafWinifred Pattison Howse ’50

Thomas A. Inglin ’79

The Institute of International Education, Inc.

The Jack Miller Center

Anne P. Jameson P’25

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles

red leafThe John and Edith Downs Memorial Trust

gold leafJeffrey R. Jowett ’77

red leafMarie E. Keehn

red leafRobert E. Keehn III ’70

black starJacob D. Keiths ’21

Keith Kemper ’79, P’12, P’12

gold leafAbbie Cichowski Kim ’10

Kevin King ’78, P’11

Susan King ’81, P’11

gold leafLindsay Kneas ’70

red leafKathleen Young Knoebel ’73

Max M. Koppel ’53

gold leafDavid S. Kovach ’90, P’21

red leafGerard C. Kramer ’82

gold leafRonald W. Kreis ’64

Melinda S. Kremer P’09

red leafHoward L. Kriebel P’85

red leafMartha Bean Kriebel ’56, P’85

Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Ivan Lam P’23

Rebecca H. Lam ’23

Robert Lange ’54

Nancy J. Larkin P’84

Kathleen Lawless-Schmidt ’92

red diamondGregg R. Lawson ’82

red leafKatherine Scheffley Leblanc ’60

Dennis P. Leddy ’81

goldleaf and blackdiamondNicholas Lee ’17

Robin Lefebvre-Ricci ’88

Eric G. Lehnes ’85

Susan Lehnes

red leafMichael J. Lewis ’67, P’91, P’96

red leafRobert M. Lintz ’74

gold leafCaroline Schea Lloyd ’68

gold leafJames E. Lloyd

gold leafStephen P. Lockyear ’69

gold leafThomas P. Loughran, Jr. ’75

red leafRobert Lovett ’53

red leafSandra Miller Lovett ’55

gold leafMarc Lowenberg ’92

gold leafAndrea Branas Lycette ’93

Evelyn V. Lynch

red leafAnn Helfferich Mackenzie ’77

red leafGraham “Mac” Mackenzie ’74

Joyce Makoid P’93

Craig H. Mally ’78

gold leafLynne K. Markman P’20

gold leafMichael P. Markman P’20

red leafEdmund Markowski, Jr. ’94

red leafCheryl Beadle Marple ’70

red leafJames R. Marple

gold leafJames Marsteller

gold leafJill Leauber Marsteller ’78, P’18

gold leafCynthia J. Martin ’78

red leafLois J. Martyn ’58

gold leafAnn L. Matthew P’20

gold leafRonald B. Matthew, Jr. ’89, P’20

red leafGary McClellan ’66

Karen L. McCormick P’11

Kevin J. McCormick ’81, P’11

black starSkyler C. McCormick ’16

red leafSue Berger McCoun ’58

gold leafAndrea Schiela McCoy ’82

gold leafElizabeth Foulk McCrohan ’77

gold leafBrian McIlhenny ’85, P’22

gold leafCarol McIlhenny ’84, P’22

gold leafTodd P. McKinney

Arlene Andrews McLean ’62

Michelle Mellea

red leafRichard B. Millham ’56

gold leafBenjamin Minardi IV ’88, P’20

gold leafMary Minardi ’88, P’20

gold leafJames Mobley, Jr. ’81

gold leafKelly Finch Mobley ’82

gold leafGabriel S. Moliken P’21, P’24

gold leafLaura F. Moliken P’21, P’24

Robert M. Moore P’22

red leafEugene T. Morita ’58

gold leafMichele Benfer Moyer ’90

gold leafDaniel Myers P’19

gold leafJanet Myers P’19

black starJohnathan T. Myers ’19

The National Collegiate Athletic Association

Christopher R. Neary ’95

Melissa Neborak

Michael K. Neborak

gold leafLuke G. Nelligan ’85

Isa Ng P’23

George M. Nikolaou P’24

red leafDorothy Garris Nofer ’51

gold leafWilliam A. Norcross ’70

red leafMonica Norris ’94

red diamondDorothy M. Nyce ’45

gold leafDavid P. Ochocki ’74

gold leafCharles Odgers IV ’88

Lisa A. Ojert P’23, P’23

Magnus L. Ojert P’23, P’23


gold leafNancy White Opalack ’71

Gabriel Oshman ’23

Ilya Oshman P’23

red leafAnne Stauffer Papa ’66

gold leafAnnette Parker

red leafDonald Parlee ’55

red leafJoan Parlee ’57

redleaf and diamondHenry W. “Hank” Pfeiffer ’48

gold leafPennsylvania Council on the Arts

gold leafThe Philip & Muriel Berman Foundation

gold leafCarly Piotrowicz ’07

red leafMichael Piotrowicz ’78, P’05

red leafPamela Piotrowicz ’80, P’05

gold leafTheodore Piotrowicz ’05

gold leafAlicia S. Pizzi

gold leafMichael A. Pizzi ’96

gold leafHarry S. Polsky ’66

gold leafSharon M. Polsky

red leafSuann Pontius ’61

red leafJoseph W. Pooler, Jr. ’87

red leafTheresa G. Pooler

Project Pericles, Inc.

gold leafCharles Pulsfort III ’03

gold leafRachael Pulsfort ’03

Joseph Pursley ’03

red leafThomas Quay

red leafBruce B. Rambo ’63, P’89

Dawn Reilly ’04

Thomas Reilly, Jr. ’04

red leafBarbara G. Rheiner

red leafWilliam H. Rheiner ’57

David Ricci ’88

Ethel K. Richards ’05

red leafLee Rambo Robinson ’75

red leafWarren Robinson, Jr. ’74

gold leafDonald J. Romanik ’65

gold leafAsaf Romirowsky

Shawna A. Rondeau P’23

Vic G. Rondeau P’23

red leafDavid Rosvold ’80

red leafElizabeth Rosvold ’81

gold leafDeborah A. Ryan ’75

red leafAdam J. Sager ’90

red leafLawrence S. Sager ’63, P’90

red leafPhyllis B. Sager P’90

red leafStephanie Sager

red leafKay Kerper Schellhase ’57

redleaf and diamondRichard Schellhase ’45

red leafSteven Schirk ’80, P’12

red leafSusan Schirk ’80, P’12

red leafKelly Knapp Schmidt ’00

black starMatthew F. Schmitz ’21

gold leafMark B. Schneider

gold leafScholars for Peace in the Middle East

gold leafPhilip M. Schubert, Jr. ’91

gold leafBrian Schultz ’06

gold leafCourtney Schultz ’06

gold leafSharyn Sands Seasholtz ’61

gold leafAmy Allen Sekhar

Jgold leafeevan S. Sekhar ’99

Kenneth D. Sell ’50

red diamondKenneth Shelly ’56

red leafJoyce Gilbert Sipple ’59

gold leafAnn Wertz Skeath ’56

gold leafCoralynn Smith

Howard Smith, Jr. ’77, P’12

red leafJan M. Smith ’74

Marilou Smith P’12

gold leafRaymond L. Smith ’62

red leafChristian P. Sockel ’93

red leafJennifer R. Sockel

Sodexo Food Service

gold leafBruce R. Somers

gold leafKay Bergstresser Somers ’69

gold leafEugene Spencer

red leafAndrew Standeven ’87

gold leafEllen J. Staurowsky ’77

red leafEdward J. Stemmler P’84

red leafJoan K. Stemmler P’84

Stephen Taylor Portraits

gold leafJean D. Stettler ’70

gold leafSusan Hawes Stewart, J.D. ’80

red leafAndrew G. Street ’60

gold leafAlbert Stroble

gold leafErin Fitzgerald Stroble ’02

red leafKeith L. Stryker P’19

red leafNina Booz Stryker ’78, P’19

red leafBrian Sullivan ’77

red leafHildred Drumm Sullivan ’76

gold leafKenneth Taylor, Jr. ’84

gold leafMaria Taylor ’84

Teagle Foundation

redleaf and diamondCarol Heffelfinger Thesieres ’61

Robert G. Thoma ’84

gold leafJohn W. Tomlinson ’58, P’87

gold leafJoy Tomlinson

Christopher R. Tompkins P’23

Katherine I. Tompkins P’23

red leafHelen Turnbull ’60, P’87

red leafRobert Turnbull ’60, P’87

Amy Uhrbach P’12

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Ursinus College Investment Management Company

gold leafPaul A. van Mulbregt P’17

gold leafSusan S. van Mulbregt P’17

red leafWilliam Van Saun ’68

Vertical Brands, LLC

red leafThe W. W. Smith Charitable Trust

red leafJudith B. Wagman

red leafSheldon P. Wagman ’59

gold leafThe Wakefield Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation

James Ward ’00

Jennifer Ward ’01

red diamondRoger L. Wardlow ’39

Christina H. Warnick P’21

Harvey L. Warnick P’21

Gregory E. Weigard ’76

Scott R. Weisner

gold leafThomas M. Wendel ’60

red leafDouglas H. West ’93

red leafDon M. White ’63

gold leafDonald R. Whittaker ’77

red diamondJohn M. Wieser

red leafSandra L. Wilkes ’71, P’00, P’03

Cindy P. Wilkinson P’24

gold leafMargaret A. “Peg” Williams ’80

red diamondNelson M. Williams

Marilyn L. Wilson ’51

Rachel M. Wilson ’01

gold leafKristin K. Wonderling P’16 

gold leafRobert C. Wonderling P’16 

gold leafBarbara Gattiker Wood ’61 

gold leafIrwin B. Wood

red diamondBarbara T. Yeomans

red leafKaren Zelley ’67, P’95

red leafLee Zelley ’65, P’95

red leafWilliam J. Zimmer, Jr. ’63

red diamond

Denotes deceased

black diamondDenotes 1869 Society Associates

red leaf Denotes donors who also have Lifetime Sycamore Club membership (20+ consecutive years of giving)

gold leaf Denotes donors who also have Sycamore Club membership (5+ consecutive years of giving)