New Programs

Introducing a New Ursinus Tradition

The college celebrated its first-ever #Giving2UCday on December 2, 2014, held in conjunction with the national Giving Tuesday. The day was a resounding success, with 657 donors stepping up to surpass a stated participation goal of 500. #Giving2UCday raised $191,544 in just 24 hours and over 18 percent of donors from that day were making their very first contribution to the college.
We are grateful for the remarkable generosity that was shown on #Giving2UCday, and look forward to our next day of giving, which will be held on December 1, 2015.

Introducing S.T.A.T

Ursinus College Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (UC S.T.A.T.) is a new campus organization that was developed during the last academic year. The group is composed of current students who focus on educating their peers on what it means to be proud Ursinus alumni and “Bears for Life.” S.T.A.T. held several social, educational and donor appreciation events for the student body in 2014-15 including Bear Hugs Day, Philanthropy Day and UC trivia nights.