Let Us Be Ursinus!

The 2013-2014 academic year was one of growth and optimism for Ursinus College. In the following pages, you’ll come to learn more about the outstanding accomplishments of our faculty and students—and the impact of their work on campus in Collegeville and beyond. Their interests span the rainforests of Costa Rica to new energy efficiency policies here on campus, representing a dynamic partnership among faculty, staff and students that has become a cornerstone of our liberal arts experience.

How We Compare

The relationships among faculty and students is a hallmark of the Ursinus experience. In a 2014 student survey* of 14 institutions, Ursinus significantly outperformed peer schools on a number of academic and curricular categories:

94.2% say faculty are willing to spend time outside of class.

91.6% say their nonclassroom interactions with faculty have a positive influence on their intellectual growth.

85% say faculty are interested in helping students grow in more than just academic areas.

91.6% say faculty pose challenging ideas in class. 

79% say faculty challenged their ideas in class. 

98.3% say Ursinus expected them to think critically and challenge assumptions.

*Survey results from the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium