Our people are our most important asset. As Ursinus looks to the future, it is working to nourish the well-being of all students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, donors, and friends. This will enable us to reach our full potential and thrive.

Out of the Darkness


Whole Body, Whole Mind, Whole Community


Putting People First


A Liberal Arts Revolutionary


A Spirit of Goodwill

  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/118/width/1440/height/730/45982_maia_peele_copy.rev.1695665849.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">Building Strength Through Community</h3><div class="large-cta__caption">If you are willing to go along for the ride, the people you meet throughout life can take you on a memorable journey. Maia Peele ’23 is a willing passenger.<p><a class="btn-link" href="/support-uc/annual-report/people/building-strength-through-community/index.php">Meet Maia</a></p></div></div></section>