Building Strength Through Community

Maia Peele ’23

If you are willing to go along for the ride, the people you meet throughout life can take you on a memorable journey and even inform your own future. Maia Peele ’23 is a willing passenger.

As a chapel leader, Rotaract president, teaching and learning consultant, and Bonner leader, Peele gained a passion for building communities by connecting with others and listening to diverse perspectives and personal experiences. It led her to pursue museum ethics research and an exploration of ancestral relationships and culture at a plantation in South Carolina with multimedia artist Adebunmi Gbadebo.

Now, Peele is in pursuit of a Master of Divinity at Harvard University, where she plans to explore spirituality in young Black women—an interest she gained from her own grandmother, who instilled valuable lessons about the religious experiences of others.

“It’s so meaningful to be in community with people,” Peele said. “When you can learn about and respect others and where they come from, they can take you to places you can’t even imagine.”

Maia Peele '23

Meet Maia Peele ’23