Putting People First

Katie Bean Katie Bean

She’s a published author who helped spearhead Ursinus’s adoption of the international Okanagan Charter last fall. She led Ursinus’s campaign to become the first college or university in the nation certified as a Recovery-Friendly Workplace. And as director of health promotion and co-chair of the Collaborative Commission on Well-Being, she’s bringing wellness to all aspects of campus life.

If it seems that Katie Bean is at the center of Ursinus’s wellness commitment, it’s because she is—but she’s not doing it alone.

“Under the One Ursinus ethos, it’s our people who are our biggest investment and asset,” Bean said. “As we work together to change the culture to become more focused on wellness for all, we will see positive results in recruitment and retention of both students and employees.”

Ursinus’s investment in well-being sets the college apart from its peer institutions.

“ In my own experiences, this is the first college to truly put people first,” Bean said. “I feel valued at Ursinus, and it makes me want to work harder towards our common goals. It is a place where I see rockstar students put in the effort to learn, grow, and work to change the world for the better, which is motivating and inspiring to me.”