Whole Body, Whole Mind, Whole Community

Jeevan ’99 & Amy Sekhar

In true Ursinus fashion, Jeevan ’99 and Amy Sekhar work to take an interdisciplinary, all-encompassing approach to healing and wellness.

They are the founders and practitioners of the WellBeing Workshop, which integrates complementary, inclusive therapies to create transformative help for the whole person and strengthen the community. Jeevan and Amy both participated in President Hannigan’s inauguration in October 2022, and Jeevan was recently named to the Ursinus Board of Trustees.

“Like so many graduates of this fine institution, I came here in search of a degree and a profession, but I left this campus with more than I could have ever imagined. I came away with a liberal arts education—a diverse skill set that fostered a penchant for lifelong learning, a creative mindset to explore beyond traditional career,”

~Jeevan Sekhar 

Jeevan '99 & Amy Sekhar